Airstream™ Spray Injection Patcher - Truck Mount


Brand Crafco, Inc

Airstream™ Spray Injection Patcher - Truck Mount

The Airstream Spray Injection Patcher effectively repairs a wide variety of pavement conditions including potholes, deteriorated shoulders, utility cuts, fissures and alligator cracked areas. With all the same features as its trailer-based cousin, the Crafco Airstream is a truck-mounted unit.

Crafco's Spray Injection Patching concept and technology is combined into the Air Stream T-M, self contained, truck mounted patching system. The Air Stream T-M's gravity flow, on-board aggregate hopper is capable of delivering up to 5.25 tons of patching material per hour, making this unit efficient and the most maneuverable patcher in Crafco's Spray Injection Patcher line. The Air Stream T-M is ideal for repairing potholes, deteriorated shoulders, utility cuts, fissures, and for skin patching alligator cracked areas. As with all other Crafco Spray Injection Patchers the Air Stream T-M cleans the repair area, applies a tack coat, coats the aggregate with emulsion, and then applies and compacts the mixture in one easy continuous operation. The material application process variable material velocity for complete
compaction, density and coverage using the heaviest gauge steel venturi available for long life. This effective application and material compaction process virtually eliminates any voids in the repair. The aggregate mixture application is assisted by a counter balanced boom which features the emulsion and aggregate controls at the operators fingertips. The boom has a wide 360° sweep covering over 1,200 square feet of working area. The Crafco Air Stream T-M Spray Injection Patcher gives you complete control of your pavement preservation, from the smallest repair to the largest; quickly, effectively, and efficiently.


  • Finger-tip controls
  • 5.25 tons per hour production
  • Aggregate hopper vibrator
  • Maintenance-free heating system

Fill and Compact

Dimensions: 192" L, 90" W, 88" H with -6,600 lb ship weight

Truck Requirements

1. Truck must have a minimum 33,000 lb (14966 KG) GVWR.
2. Truck frame rail must be 34 inches (86 cm) outside to outside dimension. 3. The truck frame length from back of cab to end of frame rail must be a 
minimum of 175 inches (444cm).
4. Back of cab to center of rear axle length must be a minimum 
140 inches (355cm).


  • Crack filling attachment
  • Strobe light kit
  • Electric throttle
  • 4, 5, or 6.5 cubic yard capacity aggregate hopper
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