E-Z Series II 500 Trailer


Brand Crafco, Inc

E-Z Series II 500 Trailer

The EZ Series II 500 is designed to be maneuverable and easily towed. This is the perfect machine for the mid-size city, county, or contractor. The superior heating and recovery time make the EZ Series II 500 ideal for that parking lot or the city street when time is most important.

Engineered Performance
Crafco EZ Series II Melter/Applicators answer todays challenges that have developed from higher energy costs and smaller budgets. The EZ Series II machines exceed all expectations, quickly and economically. No other machine on the market today can match Crafco’s Engineered Performance Machines.

Engineered Efficiency.
The heat transfer profile of these unitsis second to none, using less fuel to heat each pound of sealant. Utilizing a heat tower inside the sealant tank the EZ Series IIMelters achieve over 95% heat efficiency. With the incorporationof larger mixer paddles, turning at an optimal speed, the heat is transferred into the sealant faster than ever before. A rugged 2- inch sealant pump, coupled with true on demand pumping, provides the EZ Series II with the power to apply hot pour, fiber, or coal tar sealants effectively and efficiently with the added benefit of a longer pump life and lower maintenance cost.

Engineered Options and Features.
Standard Engineered Features make the operation of this melter the safest and easiest machine to operate. Many other features reduce labor and operating costs. The most impressive features of the EZ Series II are the Engineered Options. Design the machine you want with these options. For example, add an optional industrial air compressor and save the cost of running an additional engine and tow vehicle, saving time, money and people costs. The EZ Series II has over 20 available options.

Engineered Safety
The EZ Series II is loaded with standard safety features designed to protect the operator and the public. Engineered features, such as theautoloader, keep the operator clear of hot sealant and add efficiency to the process. Rear controls keep the operator away from traffic onboth sides of the unit. The self adjusting hose boom reduces operator fatigue and allows for a larger sealing radius. Anti splash lids with safetyshut off’s protect the operator. Review the innovative features of the EZ Series II and you will find this machine to be the most safely engineered melter available.

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