Preformed - Thermoplastic 90Mil Roll - 4" x 30', Individual - White


Brand Swarco

Preformed - Thermoplastic 90Mil Roll - 4" x 30', Individual - White



SWARCO Preformed Thermoplastic is a durable pavement marking system where thermoplastic lane lines, legends and symbols are supplied pre-cut and can be easily installed without specialized equipment. Preformed thermoplastic pavement marking material combines the convenience of pre-cut markings with the performance qualities of hot applied thermoplastic.

Engineered for enhanced visibility both day and night, SWARCO preformed thermoplastic pavement markings are made with SWARCO‘S brilliant glass beads which are distributed throughout the material during the manufacturing process. As the material wears down additional glass beads are exposed thus ensuring exceptional retroreflectivity during the life of the preformed thermoplastic pavement marking.


• Available in .90 and .125 mil thickness
• Ready to install out of the box
• Standard colors include white, yellow, blue, black, red, green, purple & orange
• Custom color matching available
• Durable long term performance provides an economical investment
• Lasts 8 to 10 times longer than standard traffic paint
• Intermix beads provide retroreflectivity throughout life of the marking
• Quickly and easily installed, no specialized equipment required
• Legends and Symbols come precut to MUTCD standards
• Environmentally friendly with zero VOCs and heavy metal free pigments
• Can be installed at lower temperatures, extending pavement marking season
• Initial skid resistance values available from standard 45 BPN to 70 BPN, upon request


SWARCO‘s Preformed Thermoplastic Lines are available in 3 linear feet flat pieces or 30 linear feet roll goods and vary in width sizes between 2“ and 24“. Both
flats and rolls are most often used for edgeline, centerline, skipline and crosswalk applications. Available in .90 and .125 mil thickness. Ready to use out of the box.

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