PreMark - 90 Mil - Handicap White on Blue (2 pk)


Brand Flint Trading

PreMark - 90 Mil - Handicap White on Blue (2 pk)

® Handicap Markings with ViziGrip® are virtually maintenance free and durable enough to last 6 to 8 times longer than painted surfaces. These high-visibility markings are ADA compliant and offer high skid resistance for pedestrian safety. Although available in a variety of sizes, the standard PreMark®Handicap Kit (40”x40” white symbol on a blue background) is compliant with the FHWA Standard Highway Signs Book.

PreMark® Accessibility Kits are more convenient to install because the two-colored material is physically held together with a compatible material allowing the user to easily handle and position the marking prior to application.


PreMark®  Pavement Markings

  • Heavy-duty, durable intersection grade pavement marking material
  • Complies with MUTCD; used primarily for regulatory markings on public streets and highways and private properties
  • Supplied at 125 mil for cost-effective service life
  • Lasts 6 to 8 times longer than paint
  • No minimum ambient or road temperature requirements; pavement marking season can be extended into colder months
  • Preheating pavement to specific temperature is not required
  • Retroreflective; glass beads mixed throughout material so that as marking wears new beads exposed
  • Precut; ready to use out of the carton
  • Clean, crisp appearance
  • Quick and simple mobilization; no heavy equipment to set-up and clean
  • Made at ISO 9001:2008 certified facility
  • No lead chromate or VOCs
  • Simple 3-step application process with Flint 2000 EX Heat Torch

The top surface of the material has regularly spaced heating indicators which provide a visual cue during application that the material has reached a molten state indicating satisfactory adhesion and proper bead embedment has been achieved. The heating indicators also provide a post-application visual cue that the installation procedures have been followed.

ViziGrip ®

Specially made for crosswalks, bike paths, handicap markings and other pedestrian uses, ViziGrip® is a unique feature designed to ensure that skid resistance and retroreflectivity are optimized especially where loss of traction in wet conditions is of great concern.

ViziGrip® can be added to any of the PreMark® lines, legends, arrows, and other designs in 90-mil and 125-mil thicknesses. 

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