Sealer - Fass Dri - 2 Gallon


Brand Maintenance, Inc

Available at the following PMSI locations: Millbury MA, Newtown CT & Portland ME

Sealer - Fass Dri - 2 Gallon

The latest advancement in fast dry technology for the fastest dry times
Fortified with SSA (Sand Suspension Additive) for Dual Action performance… fast cure and sand suspension
The blackest color – The toughest film
Ideal for coal tar emulsion, asphalt emulsion, or blended sealers.


FASS-DRI Pavement Sealer Additive is the result of an exciting break-through in additive chemistry. It enables you to open parking lots to traffic in as little as 30 minutes. Jobs can be completed faster – lots can be striped quicker for reduced down times.

Packaging: In convenient easy to handle 2-gallon pails, or conventional 5-gallon pails.

Suggested Formula Range: Add 2 gallons of Fass-Dri PSA to 100-150 gallons of concentrated sealer. Add water and sand per manufacturer’s recommendation.

Pavement Sealer – 100 Gals
Fass Dri PSA – 2 to 5 Gals
Water – 10 to 35 Gals
Sand – 300 to 500 Lbs

Pavement Sealer – 100 Gals
Fass Dri PSA – 7 to 10 Gals
Water – 10 to 30 Gals
Sand – 300 to 500 Lbs

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