Primer - 2090 Thermoplastic - Pail

Brand Swarco

Primer - 2090 Thermoplastic - Pail

2090 Thermoplastic Primer is a 100% acrylic, acetone-based primer/sealer that is recommended for application on concrete and asphalt road surfaces prior to the application of thermoplastic striping material.

2090 enhances the adhesion of thermosplastic road marking coatings and will also serve as a moisture barrier. This products can be applied as a primer-sealer before long line thermoplastic striping work as well as prior to applying thermoplastic stencils. Industries that use this product include striping contractors, municipalities, state DOT and county road departments.
2090 will dry in less than 30 seconds.


Improves the adhesion of thermoplastic to the roadway surface, especially for concrete and worn asphalt
Excellent moisture barrier

Long shelf lift
Remains flexible over time
Can be applied by spraying, brushing or rolling No thinning necessary


5 gallon pail 55 gallon drum


320 square feet per gallon at recommended wet film thickness of 1 ƒ 2 mils

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