Sta-Flex Trowel Grade Patch and Repair


Brand S.T.A.R. Inc

STAR® STA-FLEX™ Trowel Grade is a heavy bodied patching and repair product that was specifically designed for repairing excessively cracked asphalt surfaces. STAR® STA-FLEX™ Trowel Grade is a flexible compound formulated with asphalt emulsion, fortified with specialty polymers, reinforcing fibers and mineral fillers that combine to produce a tough and durable mastic type filler. STAR® STA-FLEX™ Trowel Grade protects problem areas from further water and other contaminant penetrations with a long lasting, flexible patch. STAR® STA-FLEX™ Trowel Grade is also effective as a leveling compound for shallow areas, depressions and “bird baths” in the pavement.

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