Torch - 2000EX Thermoplastic Torch

Brand Flint Trading

Torch - 2000EX Thermoplastic Torch

  • Patented cold burning nozzle
  • Electric ignition, hand guard, deadman trigger and automatic POL valve
  • Specially designed for installing preformed thermoplastic markings
  • Fan-shaped nozzle ensures even heating

Using the Flint 2000EX to apply preformed thermoplastic pavement markings will reduce the likelihood that the surface glass beads will sink too much when heating.

Other heat torches may put out so much concentrated heat in one spot that it is virtually impossible to control the embedment of the surface glass beads which can result in lower initial retroreflectivity.

  • Standard 29 extension from the handle
  • Consumes only 8 pounds of propane per hour of continuous use
  • Produces a minimum of 200,000 BTU
  • The hose is 25ƒ long with 360?ø swivel joint that prevents kinking and twisting
  • The flame is steady and fan shaped which reduces scorching and splattering of material
  • The shape of the nozzle ensures an even heating of the material
  • The adjustable pressure valve allows you to control the amount of propane used by the torch
  • The 90 degree rotating nozzle is ergonomically designed with comfort in mind to reduce user fatigue
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