Cone - 28" Black Base Collared


Brand JBC

Cone - 28" Black Base Collared

Colored traffic cones are used in Parking zone, Sports and other recreational uses.

Indented Handle

  • Easier pick up by hand
  • Allow user to easily attach caution tapes, chains, cone bar or otheraccessories around the notch

Recessed Conical Area

  • Protect Reflective tape from weather and other physical abuse
  • Result in longer lasting life span

3M 3340 Reflective and Prismatic Material

  • High impact resistant
  • Highnighttime reflectivity over a wide range of angles

Premium Grade PVC Injection Molding

  • Durable and flexible
  • Able to fully self correct into original shape after being crushed

Patented interlocking base

  • Base won't separate from the body even under extreme stress such as being ran over by a car
  • Nationally recognized and registered trade dress of circle of orange dots around the base of the cone

Conical section manufactured from 100% recyclable flourescent orange PVC.
Base manufactured form 100% post industrial recycled black PVC

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