Pavement and concrete painting products are available for shipping here in our online paving supply store. Crafco offers several brands of paint, the equipment to apply the paint, and all tools and parts needed to complete your project. We have available to our customer’s equipment to rent or purchase and technicians to handle a complete range of repairs and servicing.

Whether you are painting safety area lines and notices in a warehouse, or miles of lane lines, you will find everything you need in this section.


  • Grinders – Use this equipment to remove existing paint lines from asphalt and concrete.
  • Stripers – We offer a variety of pavement paint stripers. Whether you are going to do a smaller job by hand, need to paint two colors simultaneously with a ride-on striper, or want to have an auto layout system, we have the right equipment for you.


Our pavement painting materials are available in a variety of brands. Traffic and marking paint are each available in various quality grades depending on the type of job you are completing. We offer both permanent and temporary marking solutions. Choose heavier duty paint for higher traffic areas.

  • Traffic Paint
  • Marking Paint
  • Beads
  • Marking Tape (permanent and temporary)
  • Athletic Paint
  • Cleaners & Thinners

Stencils & Tools

The most commonly needed tools for pavement painting projects are stencils. Crafco offers various stencil packages which include stencils ideal for parking lots (large or small) and residential areas. Stencil kits are also available for industrial safety needs, lane marking words, traffic notifications, athletic fields, school playgrounds and more.

Crafco also offers custom stencils for logos and custom messages. This includes national chain restaurants and retail establishments.

  • Stencils are made from tough, flexible Low Density Poly Etheylene (LDPE) Plastic in 1/16” (DURO) and 1/8” (MAXI) thicknesses.
  • Try the DURO plastic for occasional use.
  • Choose the MAXI plastic for frequent use.
  • The DURO is more flexible while the MAXI is heavier and tends to lay flatter without wrinkles.
  • Stencils should be stored flat or hanging for best use.
  • Learn more: Stencil Selection Guide


We offer a variety of pavement painting equipment parts in several brands. Browse our parts section for Crafco, Graco, Billy Goat and KM International. Delivering value to our customers means offering options; which is why you can rent equipment in addition to purchasing. We also service many types of equipment and have experienced technicians to handle a complete range of repairs and servicing.
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