A successful pavement repair starts with the proper pavement assessment and pavement preparations.

Pavement Assessment

First, perform an assessment of your project, evaluating every aspect, no matter how large or small, to be sure of your paving needs.  This will help you to determine what type of pavement equipment you will need to purchase or rent. You will always want the right tool for your job so you can maximize your time and deliver quality results.

Pavement Preparation

Before applying any materials, proper pavement preparations should be made. The equipment and materials we have available will ensure that you have high quality and long-lasting pavement performance.

The items listed here are used during the pavement preparation and placement process. These can be used in road and highway construction, parking area construction, residential paving, and any other paving projects. Crafco carries a variety of paving preparation equipment and materials for any job – big or small.
  • Routers
  • Saws
  • Grazors
  • Blowers
  • Sweepers
  • Hot Air Lance
  • Prep and Primers
  • Cleaners
  • Chalk & Accessories
  • Measuring Wheels

Please visit our product pages for more information and to make your selections for purchase. Our online shopping system makes it simple for you to pick the paving products you need to complete all your projects.


When preparing a site for paving or repaving, there are several steps involved before you can actually begin the paving process. All vegetation, debris, and moisture must be cleared away to promote successful sealing and bonding.

Each piece of equipment available has detailed specifications which will help you compare each product to determine which is best for your paving projects. We recommend researching each type of equipment to be sure you have everything you need.

Crafco carries a variety of blowers, grazors, saws, routers, sweepers, and hot air lances to meet all your paving preparation needs.

Grazors, Blowers, and Sweepers

It is a common misconception that smaller jobs don’t require professional equipment. However, when you are completing a project, details like clearing vegetation from cracks to prepare a walkway for paving will need the power of a professional grazor. A simple lawn edger will not effectively prepare the area to the extent needed in order to achieve an even seal with a long-lasting result. Additionally, it can end up costing you more time and labor.

Blowers and sweepers will help you clear leaves, gravel, debris, and standing water from your work area. We offer a variety of sweepers and attachments and several blowers; from hand-held to self-propelled pushing blowers. Whether you are using these for pavement preparation or other debris removal, we carry a wide range of equipment that is available for purchase or to rent.

Routers, Saws, and Hot Air Lance

Pavement routers and saws will help you prepare the pavement for sealing and repaving. We offer a variety of options including dust controlled routers and self-propelled routers. Many of our saws can be used for wet or dry cutting.

A hot air lance is used to dry and prepare pavement cracks, potholes, and distressed pavement surfaces for repair. We also offer the KM Crack Jet, which is a self-contained heat lance used for cleaning and drying cracks, and also etching the walls and surfaces of a crack to deliver maximum adhesion for the repair material. Compare our products to select the best piece of equipment for your needs.


In addition to having the ideal equipment for your paving preparation needs, you will want the essential materials required for your project as well. We offer a variety of primers and cleaners to ensure the success of your project. Whether you need to prep a pavement surface, or clean asphalt from your equipment, Crafco has the right pavement preparation materials available for you.


Crafco offers several pavement preparation accessories including chalk, caution tape, survey flags, flagging tape, measuring wheels and more.

Safety is of the utmost importance on any work site. You can get everything you need in our online store to make sure safety is first for your projects.

In addition to safety, accuracy is paramount for a job well done. Our chalk line products and measuring wheels will help ensure that your measurements and lines are correct and prepared for painting.


We offer a variety of pavement preparation parts in several brands. Browse our parts section for Crafco, Graco, Billy Goat and KM International.  Delivering value to our customers means offering options; which is why you can rent equipment in addition to purchasing. We also service many types of equipment and have experienced technicians to handle a complete range of repairs and servicing.
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