While making sure your paving project is done well, safety for your team is the most important. Crafco offers quality safety products for your work zone.

Protective Apparel, Gear, and Items

Whether your paving project is being worked on at night or during daylight, it is important that everyone on the jobsite has adequate protective apparel and gear. Crafco offers the following work zone safety gear:

  • Coats – Bomber jackets, parkas, and rain coats are all available. Various options available such as inner body warmers, removable hood, and lime and orange safety colors.
  • Gloves – Crafco offers a variety of gloves. Pick the gloves needed for the paving project you are working on; rubber coated, disposable nitrile gloves, mechanics gloves, and more.
  • Hard Hats – Molded from high density polyethlene (HDPE), our hard hats are available in various colors and specifications for your safety.
  • Pants – Our thick pvc-coated polyester pants are available in orange and lime.
  • Safety Glasses – Keeping your eyes safe on the job is very important. UV protection and impact protection are crucial for your team. A variety of lens and frame options are available.
  • Vests – Several vests are available with different options and specifications. Whether you need a simple vest for a small job, or a vest that meets various ANSI class compliance levels, we have the vests you need to ensure you are visible on your jobsite.
  • Tyvek® Disposable Apparel – Tyvek® is a protective material for those tough jobs involving harsher chemicals or elements. We offer coveralls, sleeves, and pants.
  • Burn Kit – A 24 piece burn kit is available for order. This will provide what you need for first-aid in a burn situation. This kit is not a substitute for medical attention for severe burns.

Work Zone Traffic Control

In addition to providing safety to you and your workers on your jobsite, work zone traffic control items will also ensure the safety of the drivers and pedestrians in and around your paving project. Traffic signs, lights, and pavement markings are available to help keep your paving work zone safe.

Traffic Devices

  • Cones – Crafco offers both collared and plain base options. The 3M black base collared cone has a reflective surface and can absorb repeated impacts with no damage. The JBC black base plain cone is also designed to handle impact. Using injection molding, these cones are more durable than flow molded cones.
  • Divertors – The Divertor™ is a highly visible 42” trimline channelizer designed for service in a wide variety of applications. The Divertor™ is ideal for controlling traffic in areas of limited space and can be fitted with a barricade light for maximum visibility. The Divertor™ features an easy-grip handle, allowing for easy carrying and quick positioning. The Divertor’s unique design allows convenient stacking with or without the base. The Divertor™ is made of quality low-density polyethylene and can be ordered with reflective tapes and a variety of base weights
  • Drums – Safety drums are available in various bases and styles. The drum meets MUTCD and NCHRP-350 requirements with or without barricade lights.
  • Specialty Products – Products available include channelizer posts, barricades, delineators, and specialty reflectors.
  • Signs – In addition to safety signs, such as STOP, SLOW, and roll up reflective signs, we also offer a variety of handicapped parking and accessibility signs. STOP / SLOW signs come in a variety of sizes and styles.
  • Lights – In addition to reflectors on several traffic control and safety items, lights offer an additional level of protection for drivers and your crew. We offer mini bars (permanent and magnetic mount), strobes, LED’s, and barricade lights (battery and solar options available).
  • Arrow Boards – Solar panel arrow boards provide the highest visibility while directing traffic through your work zone.
  • Message Boards – Solar message boards help control traffic and communicate advanced warnings to motorists of work zone construction ahead.

Traffic Items & Pavement Markings

In addition to signage and lighting during your paving project, you will also need a variety of traffic items and pavement markings. This includes temporary pavement markers, and ADA pads. Our pavement markers come in overlay or chip seal options. Warning flags and snow fence are also available.
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