Backer Rod - Hot (HBR-XL) 5/8", 1550ƒ??/Box


Brand Crafco, Inc

Backer Rod - Hot (HBR-XL) 5/8", 1550ƒ??/Box

HBR XL is a cross-linked high temperature foam backer rod joint filler. It is commonly used with hot-pour sealants up to 410 degrees F. HBR XL is white in color and available sizes from 3/8ƒ?� to 2ƒ?� in diameter.?ÿ






5/8ƒ?� (16 mm)


1550ƒ?? (472 m)

1/2ƒ?� (13 mm)




HBR XL helps hot-pour and cold-applied sealants assume the optimum hour glass shape to prolong the sealant service life. It is commonly used in applications such as expansion and contraction joints, curtain walls, construction partitions, parking decks and bridge construction.


ƒ?› Lightweight
ƒ?› Water resistant
ƒ?› Non-exuding
ƒ?› Easy to use
ƒ?› Use with cold-applied sealants
ƒ?› Clean product
ƒ?› Inert
ƒ?› Recyclable
ƒ?› Made in USA


  • Meets all requirements of the 1990 Clean Air Act

  • Is a ƒ??Domestic End Productƒ?� as defined in Buy American Act, Title 41 USC 10

HBR XL is an inert material, and therefore, it is physically and chemically compatible with virtually all known hot-pour and cold-applied sealants including self-leveling types.


Prior to installing HBR XL, the joints should be cleaned per the sealant manufacturerƒ??s recommendations. Thoroughly remove any concrete form-release agents, curing compound reside, laitance or any foreign materials. To ensure a good sealant bond, joints must be clean and dry when the new sealant is installed. Air compressors used for this purpose must be equipped with traps for removal of oil and moisture. Install HBR XL with a blunt tool at the depth recommended by the sealant manufacturer.

Care should be taken not to puncture, over-compress or stretch HBR XL during installation. Proper size selection is important as it controls the depth of the sealant bead. It must be oversized (25-50%) to fit tightly into the joint and functions as a bond-breaker to prevent back-side adhesion of the sealant. Sealant compatibility should be confirmed?ÿby the sealant manufacturer. Compatibility characteristics of sealants in contact with sealant backings can be determined by ASTM C 1087 test method.


FORM: Round Foam Rod.

TYPE: 1 - Per ASTM D 5249. Round rods of various diameters for use with cold- applied and hot-pour joint sealants

TEMPERATURE LIMITS: -45 ??F to +410 ??F.

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