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Action Pave RT Aviator Pavement Sealer

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Brand Crafco, Inc

Crafco’s Action Pave® sealers are manufactured to deliver maximum protection against harmful elements, while providing a new, rich, black color to pavement. Our commitment is to provide the best quality and cost-effective asphalt pavement sealer available. To ensure this, we perform extensive testing throughout the manufacturing process to achieve the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Action Pave RT is a heavy-duty, concentrated, refined tar sealer. Proven to produce high-quality results, Action Pave RT represents the reliable workhorse that has delivered for decades.



  • Extends asphalt pavement life
  • Provides a new, rich, black color
  • Long-lasting protection


Action Pave Aviator

Formulated exclusively for airports, this premium-grade refined tar sealer is manufactured and adjusted to meet FAA Specification P631. Action Pave Aviator eliminates the need for job-site mixing of additives, as the specified level — between 2-6% — is added during manufacturing. The formulation will suspend the sand-load requirement while minimizing water dilution, resulting in an optimal film thickness. Action Pave Aviator is for contractors or agencies who want confidence that exact specifications will be met no matter what, resulting in proper protection and performance. For airports we recommend reapplying every 2-3 years for runway sections and every 3-4 years for non-runway pavements.


Action Pave® pavement sealers are available in a variety of different forms for convenience.

Eliminate the guesswork and save time and labor. Options* include:

  • Our Ready Mix contains our concentrate diluted to the proper application viscosity so it can be applied immediately, reducing time and labor costs.
  • Our Sand Mix is carefully measured and pre-mixed with the appropriate amount of sand and concentrate for a perfect proportion.
  • The ultimate in convenience, our Sand-Ready Mix has everything you need. The dilution and sand already have been proportioned into the concentrate to get you up and running immediately.

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