Creating a Safe Work Zone!

When working on your pavement project, make sure you’re wearing proper protective gear and using traffic control devices to keep your work site safe. The efficient and safe flow of traffic through work zones is essential for the public, officials, and your workers. Follow the path to a safe work site.

CRAFCO, Inc. offers a full range of safety apparel & traffic control products to ensure you have a safe work zone!


    Traffic Signs

    In addition to STOP and SLOW paddles, there are roll up reflective signs, and rigid traffic control signs that should be used to keep your work zone safe for workers and motorists. FHWA requires safety signage to be clear, as well as reflective when used at night.

    Hats, Eyewear, & Gloves

    Hard hats, protective eyewear, and gloves are essential for safety. Hats molded from high density polyethlene (HDPE) are ideal. Keeping your eyes safe on the job requires eyewear with UV protection and impact protection. Finally, use the type of gloves appropriate for the paving project you are working on; rubber coated, disposable nitrile gloves, mechanics gloves, etc.

    Traffic Control (Barricades, Cones, Delineators, Divertors & Drums)

    In addition to providing safety to you and your workers on your jobsite, traffic control items will also ensure the safety of the drivers and pedestrians in and around your paving project. Traffic cones, drums, and barricades are needed to control the flow of traffic safely.

    Safety Apparel

    There are three ANSI classes of safety apparel. The class required for a work zone is dependent upon risk level to workers. Class one is for workers at the lowest risk level where traffic is traveling at 25 mph or less; class two apparel is for workers in zones of 50 mph or less; and class three is for zones where traffic is flowing at speeds greater than 50 mph.

    Lights & Flags

    In addition to reflectors on several traffic control and safety items, lights and flags offer an additional level of protection for drivers and your crew. Use of mini bars (permanent and magnetic mount), strobes, LED’s, and barricade lights will help those in and around your work zone remain safe.


    January 03, 2018 by Chris Vacca
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