CRAFCO, Inc. offers standard & made to order custom stencils, including both alpha/numeric & graphic designs


What is different about pavement stencils from Crafco? ...Our Service!

We ship 95% of all stencils within 24 hours. Special logos and Stencils are professionally designed and quickly submitted for customer approval. Shipping UPS provides all service possibilities including Next Day Air.


When it comes to selecting your pavement stencils, Crafco is here to help you choose the right option for your project needs.

All stencils are made from tough, flexible Low Density Poly Etheylene (LDPE) plastic in 1/16” (DURO) and 1/8” (MAXI) thicknesses. Try the DURO plastic for occasional use. Choose the MAXI plastic for the frequent use. The DURO is more flexible while the MAXI is heavier and tends to lay flatter without wrinkles.

From restaurant to retailer stencils, Crafco has what you'll need for your project.

Crafco supplies stencils for any and all national chain restaurants, and retail establishments as we do for WalMart and McDonald’s. Artwork may be required.

Getting Started...

The following information will provide important details about stencils; including dimensions, measurements, spacing and types of stencils Crafco has available.

Are based on standard pricing at designated heights for up to 5 letters, and up to 10 letters. Individual alpha, numerical and full alphabet kits are at standard designated heights.

All custom graphics need to be provided by the customer and in .AI format or highest quality possible for clarity. Graphic stencils are only available in the MAXI thickness.

The Pavement Stencil Technician will follow up or address any questions pertaining to the order.


Knowing Your Pavement Stencil Dimensions, Measurements & Spacing...

All stencil dimensions are listed as: HEIGHT x WIDTH x STROKE for a single letter in inches (Arial Font).            







        The outer dimension from the top of the letter to the bottom of the letter

        The outer dimension from the farthest left of a single letter to the farthest right of a single letter

        The inner measurement of the thickness of a single letter

        Click on images below to view dimension, measurement & spacing charts


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