Sealant - C - Pavement Joint Adhesive


Brand Crafco, Inc

Sealant - C - Pavement Joint Adhesive


Crafco Pavement Joint Adhesive is a hot-applied modified asphalt composition used to adhere and tack longitudinal cold

construction joints in asphalt concrete pavements. Pavement Joint Adhesive increases durability and life of joints through improved bonding and sealing. Long-term research in several studies has proven that Crafco Pavement Joint Adhesive provides the best joint performance of all methods available.
Asphalt concrete is usually less dense at longitudinal construction joints due to unconfined compaction at the edge of the first pass. The adjoining mat is usually denser at the joint due to the lateral confinement provided by the first pass. The result is a joint containing the wedge shaped area of the first mat which is lower density. This area is weaker under traffic, and permits intrusion of water and air which causes premature deterioration of the asphalt concrete at the joint, many times within 2 or 3 years. Various methods of constructing joints with improved performance have been studied and are used. These methods include using hot joints from side-by-side paving, cutting the edge of the first pass and removing the low density material, and use of rolled low slope wedge joints. These methods are time consuming, costly, and have not performed as well as Crafco Pavement Joint Adhesive.

Crafco Pavement Joint Adhesive is applied in approximately a 1/8 inch (3mm) thick band over the edge of the first paving pass prior to placing the adjoining mat. This application waterproofs the underlying area of low density asphalt concrete and provides adhesive bonding between the adjoining mats. Moisture and air intrusion into the lower density asphalt concrete are reduced and mixture durability at the joint is increased.

Crafco Pavement Joint Adhesive is supplied as a solid material which is placed in an appropriate melter, heated to application temperature, and applied to the joint face prior to construction of the adjacent asphalt concrete mat. When the adjacent lane is placed and compacted, the heat from the asphalt concrete and the roller pressure causes the joint adhesive to adhere strongly along the joint face resulting in strong bonding between overlay passes and waterproofing of the joint. Use of Crafco Pavement Joint Adhesive also creates a joint with improved resistance to thermal expansion and contraction.

Crafco Pavement Joint Adhesive can also be used for waterproofing exposed edges of asphalt pavements such as at curb and gutter or shoulder interfaces. Additionally, waterproofing can be assured where manhole covers and hand valves (gas, water, etc.) are installed in asphalt concrete pavement.
The physical characteristics of Crafco Pavement Joint Adhesive have been designed to produce a material which has appropriate application consistency, adhesion, flow, bleeding resistance, and flexibility for use at construction joint faces.

Crafco Pavement Joint Adhesive has been a quality Crafco product for over 25 years. Several states have adopted the joint adhesive method due to the excellent and consistent performance that has been provided by Crafco Pavement Joint Adhesive. VOC = 0 g/l.

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