Glow Bug - 1000W Metal Halide Diffused Balloon Light, Pentapod Stand w/3-stage mast assembly

Brand Multiquip

Glow Bug - 1000W Metal Halide Diffused Balloon Light, Pentapod Stand w/3-stage mast assembly

The model GBW represents a high quality 1000W Metal Halide diffused balloon lighting solution. The unitrequires very little power requirements, and provides exceptional 360?§ shadow-free lighting that supports security, special events, construction and emergency response applications. The spherical projection of shadow-free lighting extends outward to over 150'.

Supported by a high grade aluminumpentapod 3-stage air assistedmast assembly, and sets up in minutes. The balloon bag material and strength of mast assembly enable the GBW towithstand harsh weather conditions.

  • 1000W Metal Halide lamp provides pure white light - 3400?ø K.
  • Light coverage up to 150 feet.
  • 360?ø glare-free job site illumination.
  • Quick restrike time - @ 10 minutes
  • Universally adaptable to all AC power supplies - accepts 50/60Hz, 115V.
  • Downward direct illumination with reflector balloon.
  • Self-inflating balloons are washable, easy to install, and inflate in less than 20 seconds.
  • Three-stage mast - extends up to 13' 2".
  • Five outriggers of the pentapod stand provides safe unitstabilization.

Unit Specifications

Required Generator Sizing 1200 Watts W
Voltage 115 V
Amps 9.3 @ 115V A
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Lamp Type One 1000W Metal Halide frosted bulb
Total Luminous Flux 107,000 lm
Outriggers Pentapod stand = 5

Dimensions & Weights

Operating Weight 52 lb 1321 kg
Storage Dimensions
Lamp Dimensions 8.7 x 8.7 x 40 in
221 x 221 x 1016 mm

Pentapod: 7.9 x 8.7 x 28.3 in(200 x 220 x 720 mm)

Balloon Dimensions
Standard Balloon Dia. 47.2 in 1199 mm
Balloon Dimensions 47.2 x 47.2 x 28.3 in
1199 x 1199 x 719 mm
Mast Dimensions
Upper Position Dimensions 64.6 x 67.9 x 111 - 137 in
1641 x 1725 x 2819 - 3480 mm

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