Hot Box 2Ton Diesel SkidMT


Brand KM International

KM 4000S- 2 Ton Skid Mounted Hotbox Reclaimer (Diesel)

The KM 4000S is designed to slide in the bed of any 1 ton or bigger pickup truck.


  • Heat Retention: Triple wall constructed with high efficiency insulation
  • Temperature Control: Thermostatically controlled for higher fuel efficiency
  • Cost Savings: Maintain HMA for a period of 48 Hours or reclaim bulk stored virgin HMA
  • Diesel


  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 72 x 54 x 44
  • Weight - 820 Lbs.
  • Capacity - 4,000 Lbs.
  • Heating Element - Diesel: 105,000 BTU
  • Filling Door - Single insulated lid, Single cantilever handle
  • Shoveling Port - Single shovel port with inside walls tapered towards shovel port
  • Insulation - 2-3 of high efficiency fiberglass insulation
  • Construction - All welded steel: 16G Skin, 20G Top and 14 G Asphalt Compartment

*Specifications subject to change without notice

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