Sealant - C - Poly-Fiber Type 3


Brand Crafco, Inc

Sealant - C - Poly-Fiber Type 3


Crafco Poly-Fiber Type 3 is a hot-applied fiber modified asphalt based product used to fill cracks in asphalt or Portland cement concrete pavements in moderate to cold climates. Poly-Fiber Type 3 is supplied in solid form which when melted and properly applied forms a highly adhesive and flexible compound that resists winter cracking and resists flow at summer temperatures. Poly-Fiber Type 3 is used in highway, street and airfield pavements and is applied to cracks using pressure feed melter applicators. Crafco Poly-Fiber Type 3 sealant contains fibers and is suitable for sealing joints and cracks in sloping surfaces. Crafco Poly-Fiber Type 3 is suitable for use on canals and reservoirs in waterproofing applications. At application temperature Poly-Fiber Type 3 is a highly viscous, non-self-leveling product. The asphalt base used in Poly-Fiber Type 3 is polymer modified which improves low temperature flexibility and cracking resistance and also high temperature stiffness properties compared to fiber sealing products using non-modified asphalts. Poly-Fiber Type 3 is plant blended, so problems with field blending of fibers are eliminated. Poly-Fiber Type 3 has been a quality Crafco product for over 25 years. VOC =0g/l.

CA Prop 65 Warning LabelWARNING- This product can expose you to asphalt, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to:

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