Swarco Glass Beads


Brand Swarco


Our high-grade SWARCOLUX glass beads are mixtures of SWARCOFLEX and MEGALUX-BEADS. Thanks to the improved optical properties of the bead surface, they achieve very high levels of retro-reflection. Suitable for thin-layered marking systems with improved visibility in wet conditions.


Our highly reflective MEGALUX-BEADS make marking systems more visible at night, in particular under wet conditions.

This is achieved, firstly, thanks to the crystal clear bead surface and, secondly, the larger diameter. Consequently, the beads are able to protrude from the waterfilm on the road marking and thus keep up retroreflectivity in rainy nights.  Suitable for thin-layered marking systems with increased requirements for visibility under wet conditions.

Beads are state and federal spec. Please contact Sales for availability and pricing by adding to your quote or emailing sales@crafco.com.

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