Crack-Vac - Dust Containment System w/Compressor Skid Mount


Brand Crafco, Inc

Crack Vac - Dust Containment System w/Compressor Skid Mount

The Crafco Crack-Vac is the environmentally effective way to remove dirt and debris from cracks, dust free. Cracks are cleaned and dirt removed from the job site as fast as the cracks are sealed.

The Crafco Crack-Vac cleans pavement cracks and maintains a clean environment while preserving worker and public safety. The Crack-Vac boom extends in front of the truck cab keeping the worker out of traffic areas. With a filter system that contains particle matter down to ten microns (PM 10), the Crack-Vac complies with the strict air quality standards in effect today. This new concept in crack sealing preparation limits workers exposure to dust and improves visibility problems that dust can cause the motoring traffic. If airport F.O.D. (foreign object debris) is a concern, the Crack-Vac is ideal for F.O.D. pick-up and disposal. The Crafco Crack-Vac is environmental friendly, safe and highly efficient.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compressed forced air loosens debris while powerful suction removes it from the crack
  • Increases crack sealing efficiency
  • Available as a truck-mounted skid or trailer-based
  • 150 gallon holding tank
  • 10 micron filtration system
  • Diesel engine
  • 473 c.f.m. vacuum
  • 35 lf of 3 inch suction hose
  • ƒCab over boom
  • 2.5 diameter suction wand w/ quick disconnects
  • Replaceable suction wand wear shoes
  • Blower discharge silencer

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